BSB on E! Daily 10 Apr08

The boys will be on E! Daily 10. The airdate is unknown at this time.  There were some tweets about this from Catt Sadler.

Not every day you get to hang out with the Backstreet Boys. Headed to learn some hot new dance moves for @THEDAILY10.

Haha! Love! RT @christianmarc: With Catt Sadler and the Back Street Boys ! The move!!! @iamcattsadler

A photo was also shared. Thanks to Christan Marc. You can view it at the gallery.

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Boys Van Broke Down Apr07

While on their way to the Bradley on Air interview the boys van broke down. They posted the following on twitter.

Oh no!!! Our vans on fire!!!

Why does stuff always happen to us? (A photo was also shared. View it at the gallery.)

We’ve been saved!!! Now on our way to the interview. Lord help us!

They also shared another photo a few minutes ago of their new ride. You can view it at the gallery (link above).

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Bradley On Air Interview Apr07

Backstreet Boys did a interview with Bradley on Air today. You can watch it below.

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MTV VMAs Japan Nomination Apr06

Backstreet Boys have been nominated for Best Group video for ‘Straight Through My Heart’ at the MTV VMAs in Japan. Congrats to the guys for the nomination.

If you would like to vote for them, underneath each category you will see a white box click that. You will have to select three categories in order to be able to vote.

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Bonnie Hunt Show Taping Apr06

The boys shared some photos on twitter while they are at the Bonnie Hunt Show taping today.

Bonnie Hunt Show

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Nick’s Solo Album Info Apr06

As I mentioned the other day Nick is currently working on his second solo album. There is now a section where all information on his solo will be posted.

Nick’s Second Solo Album

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Concert Videos From Tokyo Apr06

Back on February 18 BSB did a concert in Tokyo, Japan that was filmed. It recently aired on Wowow in Japan on April 3rd. Thanks to Yoshi (VinoAquaj) for the videos.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

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BSB on Bradley on Air Apr05

Nick, AJ, Howie, and Brian will be hanging with Bradley On Air this Wednesday at 11am PST! Wanna watch your Backstreet Boys chat and sing?  Stream the VIDEO interview LIVE from school, home, or work by logging onto  Got a question for the boys to answer? Tweet-tweet it to


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New Tour Date Cleveland, Ohio Apr05

A new date has been posted over at

Saturday June 19, 2010 -  Cleveland, OH Nautica Pavilion at 8pm.

EDIT: The show is scheduled for this date but tickets do not go sale this weekend as previously mentioned on live nation’s website.

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Nick’s Recording a New Album Apr05

Nick has started recording new songs for his second solo album. He’s currently working with Rami and Carl Falk. It’s said to be different than what they did with BSB.

Thanks to Daanyaal for the info.

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