New I Heart Nick Carter Preview Aug20

VH1 aired a new preview of Nick’s new reality show I Heart Nick Carter tonight and uploaded the preview on the shows facebook page. Check it out below.

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Pre-Order Nick & Knight Album on iTunes Aug19

The new Nick & Knight album is now available to pre-order on iTunes. With the pre-order you’ll recieve a new song called “Paper”. The track can also be streamed on the Nick & Knight youtube page. The other track if you haven’t already bought it is One More Time.

Pre-order the album now on iTunes.

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Want to attend the cruise but can’t afford it? Well, now you have the chance. is having a contest where you and a guest can win a trip on the cruise. The contest is for US residents only.

To enter vidit The prize includes the following.

1 Ocean view cabin for 2 on the Backstreet Boys Cruise
Round trip airfare for 2 to/from Miami, Florida
Hotel accomodations
$250 gift card to be used for ground transportations + miscellaneous expenses

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Music Video For One More Time Released Aug18

The music video for Nick & Knight’s new single One More Time is finally released! Entertainment Weekly premiered the video on their website today. Now it’s available on Vevo’s website. If you can’t watch on Vevo. It’s now on the Nick & Knight Vevo youtube page.

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Tracklisting For Nick & Knight Album Aug18

The tracklist for the Nick & Knight album has been revealed on The album features 10 tracks.

Update: The track list has been updated. iTunes lists a different order than it is on Best Buy.

1. One More Time
2. Nobody Better
3. Switch
4. Drive My Car
5. Take Me Home
6. Deja Vu
7. If You Want It
8. Paper
9. Just The Two Of Us
10. Halfway There

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Pre-Order Nick & Knight Album Aug15

The new Nick & Knight album will be released September 2, 2014 and there are a few ways to pre-order your copy.

If you pre-order at New Bury Comics you’ll recieve a limited autographed CD booklet. Visit to purchase.

The album is also available for pre-order on

As mentioned a few months ago if you visit you can purchase the album with any bundles that includes other merchandise.

According to Jordan Knight fans can pre-order the album on iTunes this Tuesday and you’ll instantly recieve two songs and a third the next week.

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Nick & Jordan Knight Rolling Stone Interview Aug14

Behind Nick Carter and Jordan Knight’s Boy-Band Breakout

New Kids on the Block’s Jordan Knight and Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter knew each other before their generation-dominating groups teamed up for a joint tour in 2011, but they’d never spent that much time together. “They kept pairing us off in our choreography routines and we got to know each other better,” says Carter. “We had a good chemistry. In the eyes of many people, I was like a blonde version of Jordan.”

As the tour went on, they began tossing around the idea of touring as a duo, and maybe even cutting an album. It took a little while, but the debut LP by Nick and Knight comes out on September 2nd. Two weeks later, they launch a 37-date American tour. “A lot of people are just content with what they’ve done in the past,” says Carter. “We aren’t that way. We want to do something more exciting and more adventurous than anything we’ve done before.”

We spoke to both Nick and Knight about what fans can expect on the tour, future plans for the New Kids and the Backstreet Boys, and whether or not they still plan on sticking with their multiplatinum bands in the decades to come.

Walk me through the process of recording this album together.
Knight: We wrote some songs together, but [Carter] was on tour a lot. We had to cram a lot into a very small amount of time. We recorded a bunch in January, but a lot of songs fell through the cracks. Then Nick went to Europe with the Backstreet Boys. He’d send me songs here and there. It wasn’t the easiest process. He worked on his tour bus and backstage. We also live on opposite sides of the country since he’s in Florida now.

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In A World Like This Japan Tour 2013 DVD/Blu-Ray Aug11
2014 will be selling the In A World Like This Japan Tour DVD/Blu-Ray that was released only in Japan. It goes on sale August 19, 2014. This is the Japanese import so it may not work with U.S. DVD players due to the region. If you have a Blu-Ray player it will work.

Blu-Ray $80.99. DVD $69.99. To pre order either visit

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German Boy Band Documentary Aug11

Over in Germany this past Saturday they aired a four hour documentary about boy bands. Backstreet Boys were also included. Various footage from concerts and interviews were shown. Including footage from their upcoming documentary. Some of the footage maybe familiar if you have seen the trailer for the documentary. Thanks to BSBGermany for uploading the video. It is dubbed so it’s hard to make out what is said.

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New Layout at the Gallery Aug08

Head over to our gallery to see our brand new layout! After more than a year with out previous layout it was time for a new one. It was made by Mel at Vintage Dreams. What do you all think? I’m loving the colors!

If you come across any issues with the layout let me know.

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