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Have Brunch with Nick & Knight 24Sep

Attending the Nick & Knight concert in Chicago on September 27? Well, now you can have brunch with Nick and Jordan Knight.

Brunch will be at 12:30pm at The Public Hotel – Pump Room
1301 North State Parkway
Chicago, IL 60610

Ticket to attend costs $200 and it includes breakfast and a photo with Nick and Jordan.

Visit to purchase a ticket.

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Nick Announces Q&A, Gifts and More for VIP 20Sep

Nick announced on twitter that he’ll be including more things to his VIP on the Nick & Knight tour. The following is what he posted. This has made me more excited for my VIP!

You know guys I’ve been thinking. You guys need some more time with me before the show. So I’ve decided on something special.

All VIPS will now have time to spend with me. It will be an intimate Q & A hangout in a group setting.

I will give you a gift and sign one item of your choice. I’m giving special @HeartNickCarter shirts.Go here

Oh and last but not least. Maybe we need to do some selfies. let’s make this an amazing VIP experience.

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Nick’s Wedding in Inside Weddings Magazine 17Sep

Nick’s wedding will be featured in the fall issue of Inside Weddings. You can take a look at the magazine on their website.

Also, a few photos of the actual magazine surfaced from the photographer of the wedding Kris Kan. You can view it on his instagram. Plus from petalsla on their instagram and carinesbridal on instagram.

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Episodes of I Heart Nick Carter on Amazon & iTunes 11Sep

Amazon and iTunes will have all 8 episodes of “I Heart Nick Carter” available for purchase. The first episode that premiered on September 10th is available as a free download.

Amazon and iTunes

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The Daily Beast Interviews Nick & Knight 10Sep

‘Nick & Knight': Nick Carter and Jordan Knight Are Your New Boy Band Power Couple

Be still my boy band-loving heart. Backstreet Boy Nick Carter and New Kid on the Block Jordan Knight talk their new musical duo, the brilliantly named ‘Nick & Knight.’

Decades ago, it could only have been a pubescent teenage girl’s lollipop-fueled daydream, a glorious figment of a wild imagination only made real through doodles and scribbles in gel pen in a Lisa Frank spiral notebook. Well, be still your boy-band-loving heart, because 20 years later, your 14-year-old pop-culture dreams are coming true.

Nick Carter, the congenial blond you liked most in the Backstreet Boys, and Jordan Knight, the most devilishly handsome of the New Kids on the Block, have formed a duo. Gasp! Squeal! Clasp your hands to your bosom and swoon! Yes, from the synchronized dancing of the two most popular, longest-lasting boy bands of all time emerges the meeting of two teen heartthrob titans, a new musical power couple with—not to exaggerate—the best name of all the duos ever in music of all time: Nick & Knight.

This idea. That name. Yes.

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Lauren Kitt Carter Talks About I Heart Nick Carter 08Sep

I Heart Nick Carter premieres this Wednesday at 10pm on VH1 and Nick along with his wife, Lauren Kitt Carter are doing various interviews to promote the show. Below are some interviews Lauren has done on her own where she talks about how it was filming, what the show is about and much more.

Lauren has also done a interview with a North Jersey magazine called Metropolis Nights. Nick and Lauren are on the magazine cover. The interview can be read on

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Nick & Knight’s Time Interview 05Sep

Nick Carter and Jordan Knight: Nick & Knight Are Not a Boy Band

Nick Carter and Jordan Knight weigh in on up-and-coming boy bands — and their own new sound

Nick Carter and Jordan Knight have been stars for a long time: Knight came to fame as part of the New Kids on the Block, the quintessential ’80s boy band behind pro-parenthesis hits like “You Got It (The Right Stuff)” and middle school slow dance classic “I’ll Be Loving You (Forever)”; Carter is best known for his work in the Backstreet Boys, part of the ’90s wave of boy bands, and their mega-hit “I Want It That Way” (which has almost 107 million views on YouTube) as well as a string of tunes aimed squarely at the hearts of teenaged girls.

Now, after the two bands staged a months-long reunion tour, hitting the road together, Knight and Carter have teamed up for their own album, the aptly-named Nick & Knight. While they were in two of the biggest boy bands in history, their new endeavor isn’t exactly competing with One Direction — nor are they trying to.

TIME talked to the two stars about their new album, boy band upstarts and watching Wahlburgers:

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Nick to be Interviewed by Larry King 05Sep

Larry King will be interviewing Nick and Lauren Kitt Carter for a upcoming episode of his show Larry King Now. We’re not sure when the interview will take place or when it will be posted online. But if you would like to ask Nick and Lauren a question Larry may just ask it to them.

To submit a question either reply in the comments on the Facebook post about the interview or reply on Twitter.

Update: according to the shows website the interview will be online September 11.

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Nick’s Twitter Q&A 04Sep

Missed Nick’s Twitter Q&A on the I Heart Nick Carter Twitter page? You can read all of the Q&A below.

Our @NickCarter Twitter Q&A starts right now + 2:45/1:45C! Submit your questions using #IHeartNickCarter!

I was such a weird, nerdy, awkward kid… Stevie Nicks. RT @sapnasajnani Who is your first crush? #IHeartNickCarter

MelissaAranda15 @HeartNickCarter @nickcarter What do you look forward to the most on the @nickandknight tour? And I love you #IHeartNickCarter
The reaction on the fans’ faces when we give it to them one more time!

Fav: Fideo Least: I like everything RT @steamymcdreamy What’s your favourite and not so favourite dish @Lauren_Kitt makes? #IHeartNickCarter

“Halfway There” RT @mcrystal91181 What is your favorite song on @nickandknight #IHeartNickCarter

Her strength, humor + ass! RT @myemotiions three things you Nick love in your wife the most? #IHeartNickCarter

Damn, this girl is deep. RT @NathPedretti What was the first thought that went to your mind, when you met Lauren? #IHeartNickCarter

Acting RT @Masquerade90 What the next dream youre chasing? Whats the thing that would complete your happiness? #IHeartNickCarter

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Q&A with Nick on Twitter Thursday 03Sep

Be sure to follow the I Heart Nick Carter twitter page as Nick will be doing a Q&A and answering questions from fans. The Q&A will take place tomorrow at 2:45pm EDT. To submit a question for the Q&A just use the hashtag #IHeartNickCarter on twitter.

Nick along with his wife, Lauren will be taking over VH1’s Instagram and Snapchat accounts. Follow VH1 on Instagram and Snapchat for updates from them both tomorrow!

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