New Membership Bundles Jul29

Over at Nick’s official site are two new fanclub membership bundles that are available for pre order.

For $55 membership you’ll recieve the following.

“Facing the Music” by Nick Carter
Nick Carter Bookmark
Nick Carter Poster
Nick Carter T-Shirt

For $34.99 you’ll only get a copy of his book along with the bookmark. If you just want to join the fanclub you can for $14.95.

Purchase your fanclub membership at the Store.

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Nick Carter & Jordan Knight Share Musical Memories Jul29

Songza plays you the perfect music at the right moment; here, we ask interesting people about the perfect song for a moment in their life. Today we interview Nick Carter and Jordan Knight.

Songza: What’s your favorite song to cover live?

Nick Carter: My favorite song to cover Lenny Kravitz’s “Fly Away.” It’s just so cool to play on my electric guitar and everyone loves to sing along.

Name a song, new or old, that takes you to your happy place.

“Horse with No Name” by America makes me feel so happy whenever I listen to it. I never get tired of it.

What was the first tape/CD/vinyl you bought?

The first cd I bought was Journey’s album Frontiers. I remember riding my bicycle to this used CD store. At the time I could only afford used things when I was around ten. I felt so adventurous all by myself browsing through the CDs and vinyls. When I saw the album cover with the alien head I was in love. I took that CD home and played it until it scratched.

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One More Time on iTunes Jul26

If you haven’t been able to purchase the new Nick & Knight Single One More Time in your country you might be able to now. Check the iTunes store and purchase the song today!

The song is available in most countries in Europe.

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Tour Photos & Walk of Fame in Locarno, Switzerland Jul26

New photos from the In A World Like This tour and the Walk of Fame in Locarno, Switzerland were added to the gallery recently.

Vienna, Austria July 15, 2014. View here.
Zurich, Switzerland July 17, 2014. View here.

Walk of Fame Locarno, Switzerland on July 18. Credit:

Locarno, Switzerland July 18, 2014. Credit: and rockonit.

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Concerts in Israel Postponed Jul20

Backstreet Boys posted onto their twitter that the shows in Israel have been postponed.

Very sorry to inform that the concerts on July 29-30-31 at the Raanana Amphitheater have been postponed.. Details at

The following statement had been released on the shows being postponed and it is said that they are looking to reschedule the shows for March or April 2015.

A statement in the band’s name said, “We are very sorry to inform you that the BSB concerts planned for July 29-30-31 at the Raanana Amphitheater have been postponed. This is a major disappointment for the band and fans as this was to be our first visit to Israel and we looked forward to meeting our fans. We’re already working with the producers on new dates during spring 2015 and will notify everyone about this as soon as possible. Sending lots of love to everyone.”

Promoter Tal Sharif confirmed that alternate dates are already being considered for March-April 2015. Tickets to the show will be refunded beginning on Thursday at


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Kristiansand & Fredrikstad, Norway Concert Photos Jul19

Backstreet Boys performed live in Kristiansand, Norway on July 11, 2014. Credit: artistinfo and

Backstreet Boys performed live in Fredrikstad, Norway on July 12, 2014. Credit: NRK.

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Backstreet Boys on the Walk of Fame in Locarno, Switzerland Jul19

Backstreet Boys are now apart of the Walk of Fame in Locarno, Switzerland. They have placed their handprints into the cement where it will be placed on the sidewalk along with other celebrities. Backstreet Boys have posted a photo of their handprints on twitter yesterday.

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Preview Clips From I Heart Nick Carter Jul18

VH1 has posted two clips from Nick’s upcoming reality show I Heart Nick Carter. In one clip Lauren reveals her first impression of Nick on their first date. While in another clip Nick talks about his book and they show footage from his book signing. Nick also wonders if he’ll still have fans after he got married and discusses getting married with some fans at the book signing.

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Articles & Reviews on One More Time Jul16

Some new articles and reviews have been posted on Nick & Knight’s new single One More Time. Check them out below.

OK Magazine They also have a poll included asking whose new music is your favorite this week?
USA Today

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Fuse Review of One More Time Jul15

Nick Carter and Jordan Knight Drop First Nick & Knight Track, “One More Time”

Loyal boy band fans, this is the single for you! They must’ve really hit it off while touring together back in 2011 and 2012, because Nick Carter (of Backstreet Boys fame) and Jordan Knight (New Kids On The Block heartthrob) have teamed up for a “sexy” new collaboration, Nick & Knight, which has the two pop princes taking on high notes and sugary hooks in tandem.

The first single has dropped from their musical partnership, and “One More Time” features the infectious chorus you were expecting from these boy band vets—but there’s more to it. The “woo hoo”-es, high notes and heavy hand on the percussion give it a rockier edge than the pop they’re used to crooning. It almost sounds like “One More Time” was swiped from Adam Levine’s secret iPod of demos, right down to the phrasing.

We’re not saying they did that, of course, but “One More Time” definitely embraces the pop/rock line that Maroon 5 walks more than the tracks formerly tread by NKOTB and BSB. We’re stoked to watch Nick & Knight take off, and if “One More Time” is any indication, it’s that we’ll be hearing a lot of sounds we weren’t necessarily expecting.


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